If The Bag Fits

Who doesn’t like a new bag? If you’re a touring DJ, you probably have a bag you carry your gear in, your laptop, headphones, or selected vinyl, you know, for that vinyl only session you’re playing later that night. Your gear wears and tears, with your bag taking most of the brunt insuring your livelihood stays protected. You need a bag that is functional, durable, but still speaks to your own personal style. You are after all building a brand. One of Underground Music Mag’s go-to spots for durable gear is ChromeFullSizeRender(11) Industries. Chrome has locations all across the U.S. and was born out of a garage in Boulder, Colorado back in 1995. That’s a lot of history and industry know-how they’ve racked up over the years. There first location, or “hub” though, is an S.F. original. That’s San Francisco in case you were wondering. Chrome opened their second hub in New York City and is located on Mulberry in the Nolita neighborhood.

So, if you’re familiar with Chrome, then you know they began making useful and durable gear for bike messengers. The people at Chrome didn’t set out to just make any bag though. Chrome bags are made from industrial-strength material and are street tested to guarantee your gear stays protected. But you’re not just limited to messenger bags either. The messenger is of course their original and most popular model FullSizeRender(7)but if you need a different bag, something larger or even smaller, Chrome has a wide-assortment of backpacks, sling bags, and travel bags to insure, whatever your setup, all your gear fits safely and securely. And it must be said but one feature of many of their bag designs is their iconic Chrome quick-release seatbelt buckle that has become so synonymous with their design. The buckle features the Chrome logo and is made from either super-tough steel or an aluminum version that is half the weight of the steel version.

When it comes to the specific design specifications, you can choose from any number of color combinations, or if you want to design your own bag, just head to one of their hubs and speak to a custom bag maker about creating your own one-of-a-kind bag. This is FullSizeRender(8)where your own personal style comes in to play. We’re willing to bet the all-black, black chrome design will be the most popular among DJs, but no matter what color or patterns you choose, every bag is made from abrasion resistant, weatherproof nylon and comes with a guarantee for life. Chrome isn’t all about bags though, also designing footwear and apparel with the same manifesto for indestructibility in every design. If you’re in NYC, you can visit their Nolita location at 238 Mulberry in Manhattan, or see all their bags, gear, apparel and footwear online at ChromeIndustries.

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