Space Ibiza NY to Close May 20th

Space has been called one of the most iconic clubs in Ibiza. Actually, make that the world. And rightfully so, having survived a mammoth thirty years on the white isle and having earned the title of Best Global Club in 2005, 2006, 2012, and again in 2013. Space Ibiza became the name synonymous with electronic dance music not just in Ibiza but across the globe as more and more people traveled to the island to experience the legend in person. Space Ibiza would expand it’s brand to North America in 2014 opening it’s firstFullSizeRender(15) outpost in New York. But what is the future of this iconic club…the club that saw the likes of Carl Cox claim rightful residency for nearly 15 years? We all know that Space Ibiza closed its doors in 2016, which featured a closing fiesta with Carl Cox playing the final tracks. Unfortunately, it seems the same fate is expected for Space New York. Can anyone say they are honestly surprised?

After only a brief 3-year run, Space will shut its doors at their Hell’s Kitchen location, which bears the question is this the end of an era or simply just the end? No one will question the legacy of Space Ibiza or it’s success as a pioneer in the clubbing industry. And when Space opened in New York City, many thought that legacy would continue on. 3 years though is hardly what one would characterize as an era. Sadly though, nightlife in New York has been on a steady decline for years and many thought, with the opening of Space, that the mega clubs were making a return. Not exactly. Many will speculate why the club is closing, but in reality, Space was always going to face an uphill battle from the moment it opened it’s doors. First, it would never duplicate the original. It would never create the same experience. It would never be Ibiza. But most importantly, it would constantly face the challenges of politics and regulations in a city that no longer wants its kind.

However, there is perhaps a small glimmer of hope that things could change on that front. After all, nightlife in New York is a $10 billion industry. It seems there is one NYC councilmen that wants to create a ‘night mayor’ to act as an advocate or liaison between the city council and the nightlife industry. A position such as this has proved to have great success in cities across Europe, most notably Amsterdam where nightlife culture thrives. New York is already a challenging city, but having an advocate to support in FullSizeRender(13)navigating through the red tape and general bureaucracy could possibly be the answer these clubs need to remain open. Underground Music Mag will continue to report on this topic as news develops.

Space Ibiza New York will host its closing party on May 20th, and will feature DJ Vibe; Transmit Recordings label boss and NYC favorite, Boris; and Toronto’s own, Carlo Lio. DJ Vibe is one of Portugal’s most important DJs and will be making his Space debut. Boris and Carlo Lio will go back to back for this special event. So, is this the end of an era for Space? Just the end? Let us know what you think. Tickets can be purchased for the Space Closing Party at

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