Sound 023 – Guy J

Bedrock Records DJ, Guy J, has a unique emotive take on house and techno music, and has been an Underground favorite for several years now. Guy J is the Israeli-born DJ and producer who started learning his craft at the age of 14. His early sound had the style of psy-trance but as he later was exposed to both techno and house his style became a kaleidoscope of all these genres put together. Guy J would soon catch the attention of Bedrock label boss, John Digweed, which only served to catapult his career. Guy J says, “it was like a dream come true” as this would eventually lead to the establishment of his own label, Lost & Found. This would be a sub-label to John Digweed’s Bedrock Records but would afford Guy J to release music himself or by producers of his choosing. His “Parallel Universe” mix showcases everything we love about his music. This mix sounds like a new mix every time you hear it. There’s always a new sound or new emotion you hear from it. This mix was recorded in August 2016 but is a timeless piece of art perfect for listening anytime. Follow Guy J on MixCloud or listen to his mix below!

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