Diggin’ In The Crates

A favorite stop for many DJs, Halcyon, is the go-to record shop for techno and house music. Located in the trendy Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn, Halcyon is a small shop that does really big things. Certainly it helps that it’s part of a bigger venue, that venue being Output, but Halcyon The Shop has an identity all its own. Halcyon wasn’t FullSizeRender(40)always located at the Wythe Avenue location though. Its first locale was in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood of Brooklyn, which has an interesting history. That’s another write-up all together but if you google Carroll Gardens you might come across a reference or two to the mafia. Halcyon would develop a reputation as the Underground’s choice destination for records but also as a cool place to hang out, listen to good music, and take in the scene.

Fast-forward to today and Halcyon has the same reputation but with a few upgrades. The current location operates regular business hours for the most part but comes complete with a bar, food menu but most importantly a Funktion One system with your choice of vinyl turntables FullSizeRender(39)or CDJs. We know. We’ve played on it. There’s no wonder why Halcyon was dubbed “Brooklyn’s hub for music since 1999.”

There are of course other record shops in the city but no other shop seems to have quite the selection of quality house and techno music than Halcyon. And on a regular basis, Halcyon will play host to any number of DJs usually as part of a showcase where you can typically hear the best of local talents. It’s one thing to walk into a music store and well obviously hear music. It’s another thing to hear and see a DJ perform live right in front of you. It adds an element of excitement. In-store events would seem like a natural fit for a record shop but not every record shop in the city is as geared toward DJ culture as Halcyon. There’s really no dance floor though, but that doesn’t stop people from having a good time and digging through the crates for that next favorite record.FullSizeRender(38)

If you’re not local or can’t seem to make it to the store, Halcyon has an online store where you can shop their selection at anytime. If you do ever find yourself in New York City, make it a point to stop by, take in the music, of course dig through the crates, listen to some records, but most importantly have a good time. Halcyon is located at 74 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249. Get more information or shop online at

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