A New Sheriff In Town

In a previous write-up, we briefly touched on the state of nightlife in New York, more specifically in regard to the closing of Space Ibiza. The closure of such a club yet again raised concerns over where the industry was headed or if it even had value in a city that seemed to work in such opposition of it in recent years. Not to say that Space didn’t make the decision to close on its own, but still whenever you hear of another venue shutting down, you wonder who will be next. FullSizeRender(47)

New York City was the place that made nightlife famous, a real industry; but for so many years now, New York has been falling behind. Not for lack of talent or creativity but in large part due to outdated laws on the books and a certain mayor’s “quality of life” initiatives that sought to crack down on venues. Consider the city’s cabaret laws which ban dancing in any place without a license. Any place. Think how easy it would be for the city to penalize a venue. There must be recognition that nightlife brings in revenue for the city and is highly profitable. That recognition must come from the mayor’s office.

Finally, It seems though times may be changing. The nightlife industry contributes an amount of $10 billion to the city’s economy and it seems someone over at the mayor’s office has finally taken note. What seemed to be just a piece of legislation from one city councilmember proposing the creation of a ‘night mayor’ has turned into a real life initiative. The idea of a night mayor is not a new idea as it has proved to be highly successful in major cities across Europe including London, Paris, and more specifically Amsterdam where nightlife culture thrives. This night mayor would serve as an advocate or liaison between the city council and the nightlife industry to help navigate through


Julie Menin, Commissioner of the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment

some of the challenges that often face NYC’s venues. The initiative would exist as part of the Office of Media and Entertainment as simply the Nightlife Office with a Nighttime Ambassador leading the charge. This announcement came as part of a much bigger economic initiative aimed at of course bringing more revenue into the city.

Do note, however, that there has been no official press release added to the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment’s site that speaks specifically to the addition of the Nightlife Office; but this information did come in a statement from that office’s commissioner, Julie Menin. You can read more about her statement as reported by Billboard or visit the Mayor’s Office of Media and Entertainment’s site online to learn more about the results of a first-ever music industry economic impact study and how this will could positively effect nightlife in New York.

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