Techno Pride

Pride is a celebration of diversity, love, respect, and most importantly a celebration of community where people come together no matter what their race, gender, sexual orientation, background, etc. etc. etc. The GLBTQ community has had such a profound impact on the Underground particularly when it comes to dance and club culture. Wait. Scratch that. The GLBTQ community is the Underground or at least its beating heart. Without this community where would club culture stand today? Think of how different dance and club culture would be, not just in New York, but across the globe. Think about all of the GLBTQ citizens that rose up, despite the opposition of the mainstream, to live, breathe, dance, create, and celebrate who they were. June is Pride month and however you choose to celebrate lets remember those who paved the way.


Here in New York there are quite a lot of ways to celebrate Pride. Whether it is art, culture, or of course music you seek there is the perfect event for just about everyone. Just about. Most of the dance events offer big name DJs with a similar big production but often with a much higher price tag. And if it’s techno you seek, it can seem like you’ve shown up to the wrong party. Here at Underground we’ve scoured social media in search of an event with a lineup suited to our tastes and perhaps even yours. Because it’s not about the big production or the surprise special guests, it’s all about the music. For Underground’s Pride pick of the weekend we have selected the Bunker Pride.


The Bunker has had a long history in the city dating back to 2003, which for New York standards is quite an accomplishment. Their success stems from their commitment to the community and their desire to create the perfect experience. The Bunker has of course had to evolve with the times much like any long-standing party would but their central focus has always been about the music. In fact, The Bunker has brought in over 600 guest DJs and live acts with some very notable names as Rødhad, Ben Klock, Cassy, Jimmy Edgar, and DVS1 to name a few. Most of the artists you hear are of the Underground, which is exactly what we like.

This year, The Bunker has enlisted Rrose, Kassem Mosse, Jason Kendig, Mike Servito, and


Rrose to play Bunker Pride @ Output, June 24, 2017

Justin Cudmore. Rrose is an experimental techno DJ with still a very mysterious persona but has received many accolades for his set at Movement, the highly regarded techno festival in Detroit. Rrose will no doubt play a dark and immersive set, not typical of most other Pride events but if you enjoy experimental, live techno Rrose is one not to miss. Bunker resident, Mike Servito is also a favorite for his dark, dirty, and “bitchy” style.

The Bunker events typically happen about once or twice a month usually in Brooklyn at venues like Good Room, Market Hotel, and Output, where their Pride event will take place this year. The Bunker recognizes the GLBTQ community and their impact on the dance community and has partnered with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project whose mission is “to increase the political voice and visibility of low-income people and people of color who are transgender, intersex, or gender non-conforming.” A portion of all proceeds from this event will be contributed to this organization. So remember, as you party, it’s all for a good cause. For tickets to Bunker Pride, visit Resident Advisor or Ticketfly.

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