Sound 034 – John Digweed

To follow up our last post/sound, we felt it only appropriate that John Digweed should follow Sasha. They have after all been known both separately and together, but still John Digweed is a legend all on his own. As part of Sasha & Digweed, he was the first British DJ to hold residency at NYC’s famed Twilo. Digweed is also the manager and creative director of his own label, Bedrock Records, which is actually more than just a label but also a promotions company and a studio production partnership. John Digweed supports the creative expression of other underground artists and helps them to reach a wider audience. Guy J was one of these artists and is also an Underground favorite. In addition to his label, Digweed mixes a radio show/podcast series called Transitions, which stems from a 2006 dj mix compilation released on Renaissance Records. We have decided to share with you his live set from Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas 2017. Digweed has had a long successful career and after all these years he can still headline one of the most popular festivals out there. Need we say more!

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