Sound 038 – Amelie Lens

We’ll admit that we haven’t heard of Amelie Lens until her recent appearance at mega techno festival, Awakenings in The Netherlands. But that’s what Underground is all about…discovering new artists and new music and then sharing it with the world. And anyone who plays an Awakenings event is certainly someone to take note of. Amelie Lens was a surprising discovery in all the best ways. She is highly regarded in the techno community and considered one of Belgium’s best exports at the moment. She has received high acclaim as a producer with the successful release of her debut EP on the Italian label, Lyase Recordings. So much so that the boys from Pan-Pot quickly got her involved with their own imprint and label, Second State. Her set at this year’s Awakenings Festival was one of the best. She feels right at home at Awakenings and we hope to see and hear more from Amelie Lens in the near future. It can’t be long before we get the Belgian, rising star state-side and we can’t wait. Listen to Amelie Lens at Awakenings below!

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