Sound 041 – Scuba

Scuba, also known as Paul Rose, stopped by Good Room in Brooklyn this past weekend as part of his North American tour that included shows in Toronto, San Francisco, Denver, Boston, and Montreal where he stopped by one of our favorite clubs, Stereo. Scuba took over the decks after supporting act Amourette and immediately commanded the dance floor with his techno and visceral bass…perfect for the peak hour and packed dance floor. Combining strong bass lines with energetic melodies kept the crowd dancing to the very end of his set where he progressed to a deeper place ending the night to grateful applause.

Scuba has been in the business for more than a decade exciting dance floors everywhere which is evident in his busy schedule taking him to Ibiza, Berlin, Rotterdam, and London later this summer. Scuba will play Cocoon at Amnesia and for Circoloco at DC10. Scuba though is much more than just a DJ as he is also the label boss of his own record label, Hotflush Recordings. Scuba has said it is difficult to pigeonhole the label into one genre but that it’s current outputs focus mainly on house and techno. Scuba also has his own podcast called SCB Radio where you can listen to his live gigs and studio sets. We only hope his set from Good Room will make the cut so we can relive the night all over again. Until then we’ve selected a set from Scuba’s appearance at Boiler Room Berlin where you can experience Scuba and his music now. Listen at the link below!

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