Sound 043 – Âme

Every so often, there comes along a set that is simply timeless. It can stand the test of time and still sound fresh, current, new, but most importantly exciting.  Âme playing live at Fabric back in 2007 is one of those sets.  Âme are the German duo of Kristian Beyer and Frank Wiedemann and have been playing and producing together since 2003. You may have heard of them as part of Innervisions, which is the collective they run with Dixon.  Âme received global success with their “scene conquering “single, “Rej,” which you’ve undoubtedly heard as it was played at every club from Tokyo to Miami to NYC and of course, Ibiza. It is highly regarded as a true timeless track placing Âme in high demand with residencies at Trouw (Amsterdam), Lux (Lisbon), Air (Tokyo), and of course Fabric in London. On first listen, this 2007 set at Fabric could very well be a set from today blending together deep techno sounds. As the set progresses forward you are surprised with the vocals of Tracey Thorn and Bajka as well as Dennis Ferrer’s “Touch the Sky.” Now, already a decade old, this is a set we could hear ten years from now and still want to listen again and again. Take a listen for yourself below!!!

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