Sound 047 – The Junkies

It’s no secret that Montreal is a favorite city of ours. The city has embraced electronic music like few in North America and is home to a number of festivals and venues catering specifically to house and techno. But this isn’t a post about Montreal. It’s about The Junkies. The Junkies are the duo of Vincenzo Nicolazzo and Valentino Colavecchia based out of Toronto, another Canadian city with an impressive electronic music community. They have held residencies at some of Toronto’s best clubs including Footwork, Coda, and Guvernment. We were lucky to experience Guvernment before it closed, but it was quite a legendary venue that captivated audiences from all over the globe and hosted some of the best international DJs. The Junkies have an impressive producing credit as well lending their talents to SCI+TEC, MOOD, Intec, and Transmit Recordings for several releases.

We visited Montreal in June of last year and it just so happened The Junkies made a stop at Circus Afterhours. The Junkies have a style that leans quite heavily toward the techno genre with some influence from deep/tech house. This set was taken from their live appearance at Circus and is over 3 hours of pure afterhours techno. Just the way we like it. Turn it on, turn it loud, but most importantly enjoy the ride. Take a listen to The Junkies from Circus Afterhours below!!!

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