Sound 049 – Lee Burridge

Lee Burridge is the co-creator and infinite dreamer of the party series All Day I Dream which began back in 2011 alongside partner and fellow DJ, Matthew Dekay. Just as its name suggests, All Day I Dream creates both a dream-like experience and an unparalleled ambience through both music and unique venues. All Day I Dream began in Brooklyn but has captivating “dreamers” all across the globe thanks in large part to the strong, collaborative efforts and vision of both Burridge and Dekay. The music is quite euphoric often exploring a deeper side of techno and house. It’s the kind of music that triggers a sense of calm and happiness. It’s an unbelievable experience that is quite simply like a dream. Both Burridge and Dekay have masterfully translated their concept to become a global event series not to be missed. Lee Burridge has taken All Day I Dream across America to Los Angeles and San Francisco as well as to Europe and beyond. The party will host a showcase at the upcoming BPM Festival in Portugal and at Woodstock’69 in Amsterdam. Burridge hosted All Day I Dream at Amsterdam Dance Event in 2016 and his set their is nothing short of amazing. It is, what I’m sure Burridge or Dekay would say, “technicolor emotionalism.” Take a listen to Lee Burridge live from All Day I Dream at Amsterdam Dance Event below and get lost in the clouds.


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