Sound 050 – Dave Seaman

The first time we heard British Dj and producer Dave Seaman was in 2008 at the main event of a festival in Montreal. We had never been to Montreal before or to this festival, but still to this day it is one of the most memorable events we’ve ever attended. And honestly, we had no idea we were hearing such a legend that night. Almost 10 years later, we are still traveling to Montreal for its culture and pure love of electronic music.

Dave Seaman has an amazing history as both a DJ and producer that spans more than 30 years now. Not only has he played some of the biggest festivals and venues in the world but he has also lent his talents as a producer to some of the biggest names in the music industry. Surprisingly, Dave Seaman wrote, produced, and remixed ‘Confide In Me’ sung by none other than Kylie Minogue, which is one of her most iconic and memorable tracks to date. It’s a song we’ve heard but had no idea Dave Seaman was attached to it. Today, DJs lend their talents to pop singers more than ever before, but Dave Seaman was definitely one of the first producing tracks and remixes for the Pet Shop Boys, David Bowie, New Order, U2, and even Michael Jackson.

As a DJ, Dave Seaman played his first gig alongside now legendary names Sasha and Laurent Garnier. If that doesn’t set the tone for your career, what else would? You may also know Dave from his countless mixes for both the Global Underground and Renaissance series that are nothing short of classics today. He now has his own label, Selador Recordings, which Seaman uses to help showcase and exhibit new and “boundary-breaking” talent. This past June, Dave Seaman hosted a Selador Recordings showcase at Watergate Berlin alongside Florian Kruse, Steve Parry, and Justin Massei. His set only proves that Dave is still at the top of his game. He is certainly another U.K. DJ we’d love to hear stateside. Listen to Dave Seaman live from Watergate Berlin below!!

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