Sound 051 – Len Faki

How many DJs can say they’ve been a resident of the most notorious, groundbreaking techno club in the world since its opening? Len Faki certainly can, but with his versatility, style, and skill in the DJ booth, it’s no wonder this man has been part of Berghain from the beginning. Len Faki is one of the most sought after names in techno music playing not only at Berghain but at festivals and clubs all across the globe. He’s made several appearances here in New York City, but one of his most memorable sets to date was at the city’s first and only Time Warp in 2015.

Before setting up camp in Berlin in 2003, Len Faki was already managing two very successful techno labels. It was that same year he founded his own label, Figure, which as he would say, provided “a new platform to play out his eclectic and open-minded vision of techno.” You may have heard of Figure. The label has been quite productive with nearly 100 releases and hosting such talent as Roman Poncet, Regal, and Cleric. The label has also collaborated with Awakenings to present the Figure Nacht showcase during Amsterdam Dance Event and will do so again this year. With Len Faki, Jeff Mills, and Robert Hood headlining, it most certainly will be a sell out.

Not only has he collaborated with Awakenings but he has also played for Boiler Room Berlin on more than one occasion. His set, recorded in 2016, showcases Faki’s unique energy, sound, and passion he has for his craft. His sets offer more than just your typical techno. True to Faki’s vision of eclectic and open-minded techno, this Boiler Room set captivates the listener and is never monotonous. Faki has us asking, “when will we get him back in NYC??” We’re reliving his set from Boiler Room Berlin and hoping for an NYC date soon! Anytime, any place. We are there. Take a listen to Len Faki from Boiler Room Berlin below!!!




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