Sound 053 – Joop Junior

Joop Junior is a creative based in The Hague, Netherlands who some may call a DJ and producer. We won’t call him that though. We read in an interview of his that the last thing he wants to be called is a DJ. And he’s absolutely right. He quit DJing some time ago and is now focusing strictly on music production. He’s quite talented, having at an early age, releases on SCI+TEC, Minus, Bitten, and Bedrock, which has certainly placed this young producer on the map. This doesn’t mean he won’t perform. When he does he performs live, which has garnered him respect from some of the best techno festivals and venues across Europe. He’s a performer that knows exactly the type of artist he wants to be, and it’s certainly helped him to experiment with his own sound and technique. Junior definitely caught our attention with his appearance on Secret Cinema’s Gem FM podcast where again he performs live. The mix features such artists as Kanye West and the Nine Inch Nails, artists you wouldn’t expect to hear in a techno mix, but due to Junior’s reworks the mix is seamless. Take a listen to Joop Junior on Gem Fm live below!!

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