Stanger Than, meet Keinemusik

This past weekend Stranger Than; and Keinemusik collided in Brooklyn for a special Open Air event featuring both &Me and Adam Port. What was originally slated to take


&Me x Adam Port – Brooklyn, NY

place at the Knockdown Center, an art and performance space dedicated to cross- disciplinary projects and collaborations, was moved last minute to the Sugar Hill Supper Club in Brooklyn. Stranger Than set out to create a “strange gathering under the skies of Brooklyn” with characters, decorations, and visuals but were clearly impacted by the last minute change in venue. It didn’t seem Stranger Than was fully able to execute their vision in the new space. The new venue did keep the event outside and the weather couldn’t have been better. The event felt more like a backyard house party with strange decorations but most importantly &Me and Adam Port played an extended set. Everything else no longer seemed to matter.

&Me is a DJ extraordinaire with a style of music that blends both techno and soulful house making him one of the most original DJs in the industry. He has had quite the



successful solo career with a first release, “F.I.R.” on Keinemusik that was a massive club hit. Keinemusik is a collective of Berlin-based DJs and producers that includes &Me, Rampa, David Mayer, Reznik, and of course Adam Port, who is quite the original artist all his own.  Adam Port discovered DJing and turntablism as well as his love for vinyl through HipHop. After which came techno, but Port doesn’t let one genre of music dictate his style. Instead Adam Port allows influences from Dub, Rap, and yes, even Soul filter their way into his music. It’s no wonder &Me and Adam Port seem so flawless together behind the decks.

Their set this past Saturday definitely had elements of techno, house, trap, dub, and soul but the high points were rooted solely in their effortless collaboration. These two have come together for a number of memorable back to back sets but each time always


Adam Port

sounds fresh, exciting, and different. Their music on Saturday definitely made the party giving it that cool factor the event space just didn’t have on its own. Would we attend another event at the Sugar Hill Supper Club? Probably not. Would we re-live the experience that was Stranger Than and Keinemusik? Most definitely. No word of a recorded set from &Me and Adam Port just yet. However, &Me released a special mix for the Keinemusik Radio Show just ahead of the event that we can re-live over and over. Take a listen at the link below!!

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