Sound 063 – Monika Kruse

Monika Kruse will always be a reminder of our first time at Amsterdam Dance Event. The first time we heard her was at Dockyard Festival in 2015. We’ve mentioned this festival before and we talk about Amsterdam a lot, but it’s a city that knows good techno so be prepared for even more Amsterdam love to come. Monika Kruse is techno royalty and if you don’t know her it’s very important that you discover her music today. No, make that yesterday as she is one bad ass DJ, producer, label boss, and all-around techno wonder woman. It’s easy to throw around the word “pioneer” especially when someone has been in the business since 1991, but with Monika Kruse, we’re not just throwing around words but celebrating a storied career.IMG_4275

Monika Kruse is a German techno artist who began her career in Munich where she played an important role in the rave scene and held residency at the legendary club, Ultraschall. She would also hold residency at the iconic Fuse nightclub in Brussels, Belgium in the late 90s which afforded her the opportunity to tour internationally. We don’t often get Monika here in New York, but she’s no stranger to the city having played at Limelight way back during the height of the club’s peak. For someone to remain in the industry for so long there has to be something special that keeps people interested. For Monika, there quite possibly could be several reasons fans connect to her…her charitable work fighting for social injustices such as racism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism; perhaps it’s her label, Terminal M, fans connect to which regularly hosts such artists as ANNA, Pig&Dan, Paride Saraceni, Noir, Victor Ruiz, and Loco & Jam; pehaps its the connection and constant dedication Monika has shown for the past 25 years to her music that keep her fans coming back for more and more. It doesn’t really matter. All bets are on Monika.IMG_4276

Monika has appeared at Time Warp. She’s played Ibiza more times than remembered. She’s done Hyte, Berghain, and Awakenings. She’s even shared the bill with Carl Cox during his final residency at Space Ibiza. Earlier this year, Monika debuted her very own Essential Mix on BBC Radio One, and all we can say is, it’s about time. Many DJs have stepped up to provide their own essential mix and Monika proved yet again why she’s still in the game. Her essential mix showcases Monika’s ability to captivate audiences with her energy-infused sets but this essential mix specifically has been “heralded as one of the artists finest career moments to date” per Resident Advisor. Featuring tracks from Gregor Tresher, Julian Jeweil, Aitor Ronda, Boxia, Mark Reeve, as well as Monika herself, this essential mix is definitely one for your permanent collection. Check out her Essential Mix below or follow on all social media for more Monika.



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