Sound 064 – Ellen Allien

In a dark space, deep in Brooklyn, a lone strobe light flashes across the dance floor revealing bodies in motion dancing to an extraterrestrial rhythm. It is familiar. It is menacing. It invites you to dance. The rhythm is guided by a being, an alien being, for she is not of this land but from far, far away. She is Ellen Allien and she arrived in Brooklyn just for one night to lead all those who’ll listen in an “extraterrestrial Allien dance.” IMG_4157

Born and raised in Berlin, Germany, it almost seems natural that a path to techno would be in Ellen Allien’s future. Berlin is not the birth place of techno but it has accepted it and made it it’s own. It is a techno mecca where many of today’s great techno artists call home including Allien. From a very early age, she was a lover of techno affording her the opportunity to develop her skills and her own style of Berlin techno where she seamlessly blends the sounds of acid and those familiar, yet timeless techno classics. From our experience with Allien’s music, it is quite energetic, hypnotic, mysterious, and captivating all at the same time. It’s no wonder she holds residencies at such regarded clubs as Nitsa in Barcelona and Circoloco at DC10 in Ibiza. She travels the globe regularly playing at both clubs and festivals including Madrid’s Mondo, Germany’s MELT Festival, N.A.M.E Festival in France, and Good Room back home here in Brooklyn.IMG_4159

2018 will see Allien plan raves at both Tresor and Griessmuhle in Berlin and is set to feature her global event series We Are Not Alone in cities across the globe. Her upcoming calendar is packed with even more dates scheduled at clubs Gewolbe, Shelter Amsterdam, Volt Club Milano, Mood Club, and Ministry of Sound. Whoever says aliens don’t walk among us has never explored the world of techno. Ellen Allien is one of their leaders having secured her legacy as a DJ, musician, label manager, and most importantly a lover of techno. If you have yet to hear Allien’s music, take a listen to her set from Mixmag’s The Lab London below bringing you that Berlin techno sound.


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