Sound 065 – Anthony Parasole

Bringing the sounds back home to the grit of New York City, Sound 065 features a hometown favorite born and raised right here in Brooklyn, New York. Anthony Parasole is one of New York’s own but has grown into an international DJ, producer, and label IMG_4364owner with a love for electronic music that goes way back. Growing up in New York City, Parasole was exposed to both Chicago House and Detroit techno that would eventually lead to his first experiences in the New York club scene. Parasole wanted more than just that club life and soon began working with Halcyon, The Shop. We’ve featured the Brooklyn institution here on Underground before, but Halcyon is the legit stop for true vinyl collectors specifically looking for electronic music.

Parasole would parlay his career as long-time Halcyon employee to one of New York’s best DJs in the House and Techno scene. He would go on to produce his own event series that would lead to greater exposure for him and eventual gigs at Pacha NYC and Shelter. Parasole also launched his own label, Deconstruct Music, with partner Levon Vincent that garnered come notable commercial success. From there, Parasole would continue IMG_4365with productions for his own label but would join the Ostgut Ton family in 2013, which saw Parasole tapped to do a remix for Marcel Dettman. He was clearly making a name for himself both here at home and abroad at Parasole would become resident at Berghain. Parasole has said that this is where he was truly able to shape his sound and technique characterized by deep, raw, driving rhythms. He is also a resident at Output right here in Brooklyn, New York. He’s come full circle so to speak. Today, Parasole tours all over the globe with future dates scheduled for Columbia, Brazil, and London as well as U.S. dates scheduled in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Detroit later this year for Movement Electronic Music Festival. Parasole also made an appearance at Boiler Room NYC where he appeared alongside other local New York favorites, Analog Soul, A.Arias, and Volvox  for a true grit, New York City night of techno. Click on the link to watch the event live. Take a listen to Anthony Parasole, one of the most prominent figures of underground NYC house and techno below!


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