Movement Becomes Electro?

Detroit. The Motor City. Motown. Automotive capital of the world. Renaissance city gone bankrupt. Now bouncing back in an impressive way. Of course, and most importantly, Detroit is the birthplace of techno. Home of the Detroit Electronic Music Festival, or as it’s IMG_4381become known in more recent years, Movement. This festival attracts anyone who’s anyone in the techno industry. From techno heavyweights as Carl Cox and Adam Beyer to the more obscure favorites as Ambivalent and Øphase, Movement is the music festival to be every Memorial Weekend to hear some serious techno. It has become the premier techno festival in all of North America, a mecca, a solace, a techno paradise. IMG_4376

Last week, Movement announced the lineup for 2018. What should have been an occasion marked with excitement and anticipation was quickly replaced with feelings of disappointment, confusion, and perhaps a little bit of anger as well. For many the festival will go on as planned but for others the lineup announcement struck a hard chord of disappointment and general lack of enthusiasm as several perennial favorites were missing. No Carl Cox. No Adam Beyer. No Nicole Moudaber or Chris Liebing. The list could go on and on. And no folks. This is not a phase one lineup with hopes of more artists to be added. What you see is what you get. IMG_4377

Several people took to social media to express their disappointment. Some of you are considering selling your tickets. For some of you, this will be your first and last year at Movement. With all that said, there are still some amazing names on the lineup. Claude Vonstroke, Loco Dice, and the Martinez Brothers are headlining with many more techno acts scheduled to appear. But still it’s hard to get passed the names noticeably missing and at the same time to overlook the names that are questionably on the lineup as well.  At least for what’s described as the premier techno festival in all of North America.

The controversy is already old news and anyone who follows techno music can simply take a look at the full lineup and decide for themselves what names don’t belong. But who are we to say what names don’t belong at an electronic music festival unless we are the festival ourselves? Looking at the lineup over the past few years, Movement has IMG_4383weighted quite heavily on the techno side of electronic music but there’s always that one act that seems to raise everyone’s eyebrows in a WTF moment. Last year it was Deadmau5 performing as his techno alter-ego Testpilot and in 2015 it was Snoop Dogg. This year that honor went to Diplo and headliner Wutang Clan with Diplo catching the most heat for appearing on the lineup. Diplo responded to the controversy in a tweet stating he already performed at Movement in 2012, which he did as Major Lazer.

With that said, Movement has always seemed willing to experiment with what they do offering a different approach to your typical music festival. Back in 2012, Sam Fotias, IMG_4382speaking as the operations manager for Movement said, “We try to focus on the acts that are continuing to evolve on an underground kind of level, that are pushing the barriers musically, that are a little more cerebral in their basis. We’re constantly pushing ourselves to identify and curate the next-level guys as well as paying homage to the history of where the music came from.” Will this still ring true in 2018? Remember no one is forcing you to hear any act you don’t want to hear. Detroit will be flooded with good techno music from the festival itself to the infamous after parties. Movement is just about 4 months away so there’s still plenty of time to decide if you’ll make that pilgrimage back to the birthplace of techno. Tickets are already on sale now with early bird and early bird VIP weekend passes already sold out. Get more information at

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