Sound 066 – The Reason Y

With all the rising techno acts coming up in the industry today it’s hard to keep track of everyone. Here in the U.S. we don’t often get a new act until they’ve already established themselves overseas. It’s something we’d like to see change. We can appreciate good techno music from both a legend and newcomer just the same. With that being said, a DJ who’s been in the business for 10+ years and has established himself on the international Techno scene can still sound like a fresh new artist. Much is the case with The Reason Y, or also known as Frederik Laaser. IMG_4388

Born in the northern German town of Schwerin it should come as no surprise that Frederik discovered his love for music at an early age where he spent all his time and money on vinyl perfecting his mixing skills before even graduating high school. Frederik has said his parents have had a profound influence on his decision to pursue music. His mother always wanted him to play a musical instrument but his father had the collection of music that caught his eye. Frederik would no doubt make his way to Berlin, as most new and established techno DJs often end up but it was the best place for Frederik to develop his talent and skills as a DJ and producer.

IMG_43862006 saw gigs for Frederik at Club Complex and Fusion Festival where he was able to discover his own style and eventual creativity in the studio. He caught the attention of Pan-Pot’s Second State and Victor Calderone with his own productions which also afforded him the opportunity to play at both clubs and festivals across Europe. He is a resident at Watergate club in Berlin where he hosts his own event called TRY Land and has shared the decks with Nicole Moudaber, Julian Jeweil, and Technasia. Most recently he opened for Amelie Lens at Labyrinth Club where the techno was nothing short of deep and proper. Whether performing as Frederik Laaser or as The Reason Y take note of his name and catch him if you can! In the meantime, take a listen to The Reason Y from the Labyrinth Club below!!

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