Sound 067 – Tin Man

Tin Man is a bit of an interesting character. His name harks back to a character created by L. Frank Baum who sought out the all incredible Oz to ask for a heart. His real name is Johannes Auvinen which sounds like a name originating from Germany, Finland, or even Austria. In fact, Tin Man hails from Vienna but was born American in California. Tin Man, though, is no friend to Dorothy but really more so a wizard in his own right. He is a producer and DJ with a sound that explores house, techno, ambient, and acid. He’s in search of no heart but more so in search of the best beat ever.IMG_4830

To create his sound, Tin Man makes use of the Roland 303 most closely associated with acid house, but for a techno producer his sound is far less mechanical than one would think. Tin Man has said he focuses more so on the melodic style of acid, which is his niche but that every performance, set, program is an expression of himself. Tin Man has been producing music for more than a decade now and he’s been attributed with reinvigorating the acid scene with his modern, melodic soundscapes. He is quite an accomplished producer playing live on all sorts of hardware including several 303s and even 707s, which is another sample-based drum machine used particularly in the creation of early house and acid. But he would not say he is technically a musician as he has no formal education. This doesn’t stop him IMG_4829learning as much as he can on his own whether it be through YouTube videos or just by pure experimentation.

Tin Man can be seen all across the globe, whether at festivals or club events with upcoming appearances in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Geneva, Hangzhou, Copenhagen, Edmonton, Vancouver all leading up to his appearance in Detroit for the opening of Movement. One of our favorite sets from Tin Man comes from his festival mix created for Movement back in 2016. He has created a mix that truly is an expression of Tin Man’s style and sound. More melodic than pounding as one might expect from a self-named tin man, but perfect in it’s fresh, unique sound. Take a listen to Tin Man for Movement Festival below or catch him playing the Detroit techno festival on May 25!


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