Sound 068 – Modeselektor

Modeselektor hits New York for their personally curated event at the infamous Brooklyn Mirage on May 24 kicking off Memorial Day weekend. Modeselektor has been taking their aptly named Modeselektion all across the globe with stops in Belgium, the UK, and Germany before hitting the festival circuit in the U.S. Joining Modeselektor at the Brooklyn Mirage is Apparat, Vatican Shadow, and Lone for what’s sure to be your best bet for kicking off the holiday weekend.

IMG_4969Modeselektor is the duo of Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary who began their music career in East Berlin. The year was 1989 and soon the fall of the Berlin Wall would liberate the city from a communist government and unite the city as one. What was an interesting time in history would also prove to be quite an interesting time in music. The city became an entirely new cultural landscape and with that came new ideas, new sounds, new textures never before heard in music. Berlin became a hotbed for techno artists and producers laying the groundwork for the Berlin we know today. Modeselektor was greatly influenced by this cultural shift around them and sought to create music that was diverse with sounds from several different genres including techno, dubstep, acid, hip hop, electro, and IDM (intelligent dance music) making it hard to pinpoint their style to any one specific genre. You’ll have to take a listen to their music and decide for yourself but we’re happy to just sit back and enjoy the music. They have worked with such artists as Moderat, Tale of Us, and Ellen Allien who signed IMG_4968Modeselektor to her own label, Bpitch Control which is highly regarded as one of the most respected techno labels in the world. Interested in learning more about Modeselektor and their background and history? Take a look at Resident Advisor for quite an interesting biography written by Shilo Urban.

One of our favorite sets from Modeselektor is from their appearance for Boiler Room Berlin from 2012. It’s a classic mix but good music never expires. Boiler Room is notorious for their live broadcasts but even if you’re just catching the audio of this mix you can still get a sense of the energy and vibe of Modeselektor. Take a listen to Modeselektor from Boiler Room Berlin below!!!

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