Sound 069 – Uakoz

Pig&Dan are the much respected DJ duo of Igor Tchkotoua and Dan Duncan. They have gained worldwide recognition and play in the most famous venues and festivals with no sign in stopping anytime soon. Their production credits are quite impressive as well even achieving a #1 hit with their track “Growler” Their label is called Elevate with a podcast and radio show of the same name. But as you can probably already tell from the title artist, this post isn’t about Pig&Dan and really all about Uakoz.

IMG_5033Now Pig&Dan do have a radio show called Elevate with Uakoz guest mixing on one of the first episodes of their ELVR (Elevate) podcast. Uakoz is another artist we hadn’t heard of before but we were happy to stumble across his mix for Pig&Dan and were instantly a fan. So we of course did our research and discovered that Uakoz is more than just a new artist. He’s worked with some pretty major names with support from a number of our favorite producers releasing tracks for Terminal M, Respekt Recordings, and of course Elevate from Pig&Dan. All this success and Uakoz is only 28 years old. His music is deep and melodic but energetic and a bit fresh from the sound of, dare we day, mainstream techno if there really is such a thing, but no doubt Uakoz has captured our attention. Uakoz will be playing at the upcoming Terminal M showcase at Egg London alongside Mark Reeve, Paride Saraceni, Frankyeffe, and Terminal M boss and all-around super woman, Monika Kruse. Can’t make it to London to hear Uakoz and this stellar lineup with all the Terminal M crew then check out Uakoz playing a special studio mix for Pig&Dan and Elevate Radio below!

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