Underground Music Mag launches it’s own podcast highlighting some of the best producers of the underground music scene along with the tracks that are, quite simply, catching our attention. Every track was curated and selected in-house by Underground Music Mag and mixed by @ben.jamin_dj, a local DJ from right here in New York. The sound stays true to the underground music scene but leans more toward a hard, acid techno. 002 features some of our favorite producers in techno music as well as some new artists we’ve recently discovered. Some of these artists include: Boston 168, DEAS, Reform (IT), Arjun Vagale, Kaiserdisco, Cleric, Furia, Developer remixed by Len Faki, Mikael Jonasson remix by Luca Agnelli, Thomas Schumacher, Maxime Dangles, SLV, Dax J, Oscar Mulero remixed by Cassegrain, and Michel Lauriola. See the full tracklist below and follow @undergroundmusicmag for future mixes coming soon!!! Ranked #84 globally in the acid techno chart.

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