Sound 070 – 999999999

It’s clearly been a minute since we’ve posted a new sound here, but trust us when we say that the music hasn’t stopped. We’ve been posting a lot of music on our Instagram so if you’re curious as to what we’ve been listening to or just want to see where we’ve been dancing lately, follow us there. With that said, one particular artist caught our attention in such a major way that it would inspire us to come back here and write about it. That artist is 999999999. IMG_9320

Most recently, over Memorial Day Weekend, we visited Detroit for none other than Movement, the pre-eminent techno festival in all of North America. But it wasn’t at the festival where we caught 999999999. It was at an afters at Bleu Lounge hosted by the techno label Suara, you know the label all about music and cats, and featured sets by Coyu, Øphase, and Aadja. Not to say that there wasn’t some great music at the festival but 999999999 was relentless and clearly came to Detroit to make the techno city proud but most importantly to dance.

999999999 is a techno duo which officially began in 2016 and in just 3 years they are already one of the most requested live acts of the techno scene. They have hit some of the most important clubs and festivals across Europe and have created such a reputation that they are now appearing here in the U.S. 99999999 says that live is what they are, whether in or out of the studio and that spontaneous improvisation with hardware is a key element of their performance and is impossible to replicate. This makes every event they play all the more unique and special. They are truly an act you should add to your list and as they are based out of IMG_9321Italy anytime they come to your area don’t hesitate to go as the chances may be few and far between. Looking at their calendar, they are all across Europe and won’t be back to the U.S. until September 28, playing at Crssd Festival in San Diego so mark your calendars, kids!

We’d really love to share our live experience with 999999999 from Detroit last weekend but no such recording has emerged online yet. Perhaps that’ll come in time, but until then, you can hear their live set created for Reclaim Your City on Rinse FM below. It will give you a sense of who this duo is but trust us when we say you need to hear them live. Enjoy!

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