2020 is finally here, and while some may say this is the future, here at Underground we still feel we have a long way to go. While we started off strong in 2018, feeling really motivated and passionate about bringing you the very best in underground music, news, and events, we trailed off a bit in 2019. So now a new year is here and it’s time to reset and begin again while working toward the future we hope to see here at Underground Music Mag.

This year we hope to bring you more sounds, more artists, more events and we hope to hear from you too! Underground Music Mag wants to know who you’re listening to. If you’re a promoter, let us know about your events and what you plan to do in 2020. If you’re an artist, send us your music. While we favor techno and house music, we will try to listen to all music and artists sent to us, and if we feel appropriate, we’ll feature you on our platforms. Speaking of, if we’re somewhat quiet here, we will always be posting on our instagram, @undergroundmusicmag. Please follow us there for more music, videos, and commentary about whatever’s on our minds. And with that, all that’s left to say is have a music-filled new year and see you on a dance floor somewhere in 2020!!!

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