Sound 071 – Ae:ther

It didn’t take long to decide who would be the first artist of the year featured on Underground. This artist has been on our mind for some time and has an upcoming stop right here in New York playing the Knockdown Center in February. This artist is Ae:ther.

IMG_1733Ae:ther is an artist with deep underground influences, which naturally we love, but he has earned his place in the future of techno through his deep, emotive productions that have caught the attention of the crew at Afterlife and Damian Lazarus at Crosstown Rebels. He discovered electronic music early in his life and was inspired by artists of the Underground Resistance and the early Detroit Sound, which has largely influenced the direction of his own music. Ae:ther has not only established himself as a formidable producer but has earned his acclaim as a live act performing all across Europe. He says his live act is the culmination of hours and hours spent on painstaking production and curation but showcases mostly Ae:ther’s unreleased productions.

In late 2019, Ae:ther released his most recent output on Crosstown Rebels simply titled, “Me.” The collection of tracks is nothing short of what you’d expect from an artist that has become known for his haunting melodies and ambient rhythms, especially on slow IMG_1731burner, “We’ll Be Together.” Here ambient sounds are juxtaposed against a slow bass line where a captivating vocal cuts in and out providing yet another layer to the track. The lyrics are mostly inaudible but you don’t need to understand the words to get locked to this groove. “Craft” is another track that is immediately captivating where it starts with a bouncy rhythm before settling back into that signature sound that is Ae:ther. On title track “Me,” Ae:ther takes a much lighter approach to his sound and lyrics which suggest a sort of optimism and self-discovery. Seems all the more appropriate that this track plays right before the outro of the album suggesting we all eventually find ourselves in the end.

“Me” is just one sampling of Ae:ther’s overall catalog and has many other productions that are worth noting, specifically the ambient and dreamy remix Ae:ther did for Damian Lazarus and the Ancient Moons’ All I Need To Get High. The remix was specifically requested by Damian Lazarus himself and is currently on of Ae:ther’s top tracks to date. If you haven’t caught Ae:ther live yet, make 2020 the year you catch this artist in person. He will be performing at the sold out Day Zero Festival in Mexico on Jan 10 and both the Lost City Party and Lost Beach Party in Ecaudor before he comes to New York for the Mind-Matter party at the Knockdown Center on Feb 22. Tickets are on sale at Resident Advisor now. Check the link for event and ticket information!



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