Sound 072 – Roy Rosenfeld

Roy Rosenfeld is an internationally acclaimed DJ that hails from the country of Israel where he began playing in local bars and clubs and then eventually festivals around his own country. It is no surprise that he quickly gained the attention of a world wide audience with his hypnotic and emotive music. The music of Roy Rosenfeld is quite IMG_1778unique and exciting. To describe the genre of music he plays and produces is a bit hard because the music emotes more so a feeling than being relegated to a specific genre. The overall feeling, or mood, of his music is a sense of intense calm partnered with a bit of euphoria. His music is still dance floor ready, but it’s a type of house music that goes deeper and more emotive through the sounds and just how smooth Rosenfeld blends each track so effortlessly together.

Roy Rosenfeld now plays all across the globe bringing his unique sound to clubs and some of the best festivals in the world. Most notably he’s been a mainstay at Lee Burridge’s All Day I Dream events all across the U.S. including stops in Miami, Colorado, Los Angeles, Chicago, and of course here in New York at the 2019 summer season opening at the Brooklyn Mirage. He’s played Echowaves Festival in Tbilisi, Georgia, We Are Lost Festival in Amsterdam, and Waveul Festival in Montenegro, just to name a few. And all this was just in 2019.

IMG_1777Upcoming he can be heard alongside fellow Israeli native Guy J at Melodic in Dublin for a Lost & Found label showcase and then he hits the Marvelous Island Festival in late spring in Paris. He will no doubt make several appearances at All Day I Dream in its many iterations across the globe this year. If you have yet to hear his music, you can sample all his productions at of course Beatport, or just simply click through to his SoundCloud where you can peep through his music as well. Below are a couple of sets that have caught our attention that we hope you will enjoy. And if you can, be sure to put Roy Rosenfeld on your list of DJs to hear in 2020!


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