Sound 073 – Mathame

Mathame caught our attention as one of the artists appearing at the Afterlife label event at the Brooklyn Mirage here in New York. Mathame appeared alongside a list of stellar DJs that made for an incredible evening to close out the summer season in an open air venue. The lineup included Tale of Us, Åme, Ben Klock, Chris Leibing, Fjaak, and still many others.IMG_1829

Having never heard Mathame live we did our research and stumbled upon their performance at Untold Festival 2019 in Romania. Not only was the production captivating and incredibly visually stunning but their music was just as captivating. Their music is a combination of current melodic house and techno that’s quite true to the Afterlife label but they also incorporated some unexpected sounds such as music from the groundbreaking, dystopian film, Bladerunner. Yes, the main theme from the film has been remixed and played in electronic sets before, but Mathame goes one step further choosing to use one of the lesser known tracks from the film. They drop the track in to the surprise of the listener and they do it effortlessly before jumping right back into a dancefloor beat. Any fan of the film will instantly recognize “Rachels Song.” It will become an unforgettable moment. IMG_1828

Aside from their live performances, Mathame are also skilled producers having released several productions on the Afterlife label. In fact, Mathame is the name that defines the audio process developed by the two brothers that make up this production duo. Amedeo and Matteo Giovanelli have become an international success with tracks “Nothing Around Us” and “Fade Into You,” the latter being a prime example of Mathame’s vocal work that lures the listener in like a siren. You can’t help but want to hear more. Mathame is definitely worth checking out, whether online or at one of their many appearances at festivals and clubs all across the globe. That have appearances scheduled all across Europe this year but will no doubt be back in New York and the U.S. sometime soon. In the meantime, check out their performance at Untold Festival at the link below!



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